HWAM: Intelligent Heat

HWAM: Intelligent Heat

“The bonfire of the times of yore has gradually turned into an environmentally friendly and modern source of heat.”

Hygge: The Spirit of Denmark.

“What freedom is to Americans, Hygge is to Danes.”

The warm and cosy philosophy of Hygge has been an integral part of Danish culture since the early 19th Century. At its heart is comfort and familiarity. It’s Scandi-style interior design. It’s reading a good book while submerged in a hot bath. It’s going for a long walk with family or friends and coming home to a wood-burning fire – with a mug of hot chocolate and a weighty blanket and the radio playing as the fire warms your toes.

Danish Architecture.

“We bring the historical fireplace into the modern home. For us a wood-burning stove is a piece of furniture on par with a sofa or dining table.”

The Danish do not compromise on quality. All HWAM stoves are designed by well known Danish architects and furniture designers. The stoves are easy on the eye, elegant and timeless, and they fit harmoniously into classic and modern homes alike. For over 40 years, Hwam have been creating modern stoves of the highest quality. Their stoves are like classic, world-famous Danish chairs, uniting discreet Scandinavian design with extraordinary comfort.

Intelligent Heat x 3. Nordic Technology in Action!

1. SmartControl: An App for your Phone.

“Your wood burning stove can now automatically minimise combustion during the night and not only give you a nice and comfortable good night’s sleep, but also help you save money and protect the environment.”

HWAM’s very own SmartControl app allows you to easily set up your ideal room temperature via a mobile phone or tablet. It even reminds you when it’s time to fill up with logs again! Which means that all you have to do is light the fire and close the door, allowing you to kick back and enjoy the cosy heat and dancing flames.

2. Heat Storage.

Heat storage is where heat is stored in the stones surrounding the combustion chamber. Heat storage in a wood-burning stove is the combination of the wood-burning stove’s ability to quickly distribute the convection heat and the mass stove’s ability to store the heat.

While the wood-burning stove is burning, the stone in the heat storage compartment will be heated up. Once the fire in the combustion chamber has died, the stone will continue emitting the stored heat into the room.

The HWAM 3500 Series, HWAM 7100 series and HWAM 3650 and HWAM 3660 have a knob which regulates the convection air to the heat storage compartment. When the convection damper is closed, the heat stored in the stone will be retained in the heat storage compartment for as long as possible; once the damper is opened, the heat will be distributed to the room as quickly as possible.

3. Unique Door System.

All HWAM stoves have an easy and unique closing system, which ensures that the door fits tightly.
The door is constructed so that it opens and closes with a steady, balanced vertical movement. When closing, the door glides silently into position and completely seals the opening.

The system confirms HWAM’s high technological and innovative level. When it is opened, the vertical gliding movement of the lift-lower door minimises turbulence in the combustion chamber so that ash is not whirled up and blown into the room. Convenient for you as it reduces the need for cleaning around the stove.

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Hwam and Love Your Stove: The Perfect Team.

Love Your Stove are proud to be the only HWAM Specialist for the whole of the Cotswolds. Our showroom in Stroud has some of their most beautiful stoves on display, and our stylish 2610 model is always alight to help heat our shop and warm your hearts. From initial interest to purchase, delivery and professional installation for all wood-burning stoves, Elcombe can take your hand and lead you through the entire process. We even offer a free survey to help you choose the very best HWAM stove for you and your home.

So grab a cup of coffee, (and a Danish!), settle back and browse our stunning HWAM range here.

Email us at info@elcombestoves.co.uk, call our showroom on 01453 700211 or simply visit us at 223 Bath Road, Stroud. GL5 3TA to see for yourself the HWAM stoves we have on display. We would love to hear from you.