Chilli Penguin

Chilli Penguin: A Warm Welcome Home.

Chilli Penguin make absolutely superb stoves. Located near the stunning Llyn Peninsula in North Wales, they design all their own products, and all manufacturing happens in Wales. All Chilli Penguin domestic stoves meet the current and very comprehensive UK and EU standards and The stoves’ efficiency ratings are amongst the highest currently available in the UK. Which means that you will get more heat out of the fuel than you put in!

All Chilli Penguin stoves come with a 1 year warranty with the option of a 7 year extended warranty.

The Chubby, the Woody, the Chilli Billie: Let us tell you more about our utterly charming Chilli Penguin range.

The Llyn Peninsula: Chilli Penguins on the Welsh Coast.

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