HWAM Intelligent Heat

HWAM Intelligent Heat: control the room temperature from your phoneHWAM’s unique Autopilot IHS™ means you can sit back and make the most of your wood-burning stove…

What temperature do you want the room to be?

Now, you don’t have to constantly adjust your wood-burning stove constantly to reach that comfortable temperature. Just set the room temperature using the app on your mobile phone or tablet, sit back and enjoy the flames.

When it’s time to add another log to the fire, Autopilot lets you know with a gentle audible reminder.

• Reduce the amount of logs you use by up to 50 %

• Get the most out of your fuel – optimum combustion and minimum emissions guaranteed

• Automatically reduce the heat from the fire at night and keep warm embers burning through the night

Could it be any easier or more eco-friendly?

All HWAM stoves come with a 5 year warranty.

Order online now, or book a survey for a HETAS-certified installation.

Want to know why HWAM are so good? We’ll tell you. (spoiler alert! It’s all about the perfect harmony of beauty and brains!)

Hygge, Smart Control and Nordic Technology: HWAM and their role in helping to shape the future of wood burning stoves.

Or why not visit the HWAM website to see their extensive range of stoves and then come back to us when you’ve chosen your favourite!:

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