HWAM 2620

Wood fire on autopilot


With the HWAM 2600 series, the Danish designers Henrik Sørig and Tobias Jacobsen have created another beautiful stove series which is grand in elegance yet small in size.

Super Stylish.

HWAM’s unique Autopilot IHS™

…means you can sit back and make the most of your wood-burning stove. What temperature do you want the room to be?
Now, you don’t have to constantly adjust your wood-burning stove constantly to reach that comfortable temperature. Just set the room temperature using the app on your mobile phone or tablet, sit back and enjoy the flames.
When it’s time to add another log to the fire, Autopilot lets you know with a gentle audible reminder.
• Reduce the amount of logs you use by up to 50 %
• Get the most out of your fuel – optimum combustion and minimum emissions guaranteed
• Automatically reduce the heat from the fire at night and keep warm embers burning through the night
Could it be any easier or eco-friendly?

Availability: Lead times for delivery vary throughout the year. Please contact us to confirm on 01453 700211 or email us on info@elcombestoves.co.uk

Product Description

HWAM wood-burning stoves are designed to exacting standards by recognised Danish architects and furniture designers. They have made sure that our products are elegantly proportioned and sleek as well as super-efficient.  Close collaboration between designers and HWAM A/S has resulted in the development of the unique, delightful details that put HWAM stoves into a class of their own.

Danish engineers design and prepare the products for the manufacturing process on the basis of HWAM’s 35 years of  experience. All vital components are manufactured at a high-tech production plant in Hørning, Denmark. The products are manually assembled and finished before they are packed and shipped to customers, who benefit from a five-year warranty on their new HWAM stoves.

3 way “Airwash”

Dancing flames are both fascinating and relaxing. Furthermore, flames are beautiful in all phases from the initial lighting to the burning of coals. For this reason, it is important that the glass pane on a HWAM wood-burning stove does not become sooty during combustion. HWAM has developed a technique that ensures that the glass pane always receives heated air from three sides in order to prevent it from becoming sooty.

HWAM Autopilot

The mechanical HWAM Autopilot with its heat sensitive spring ensures the correct air supply for the different combustion phases enabling an optimal combustion.HWAM unique Autopilot is a strikingly, yet ingeniously brilliant function which offers numerous benefits – both for you and for the environment.

• Simple, convenient operation
• Clean burning
• More energy, better economy
• Easy on the environment

The automatic dampers ensure that the combustion air is led to the right places in the combustion chamber, in the right quantities and at the right time to ensure optimum combustion.

Please visit hwam.com to see the full range of HWAM models.

Additional information



DEFRA Approved



1 yr


Wood Only

Nominal Output












Log Size


Made In


Flue Exit

Rear, Top

Min/Max Output


Flue Diameter




Minimum distance from combustible materials - rear


Minimum distance from combustible materials - side


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